Meeting of PTA Executive Committee

The meeting of PTA Executive Committee was held on 03 March 2021 at 9 a.m.


The Chairperson of the PTA Executive Committee, Principal Sir, Mr. Suresh Kumar Singh commenced the meeting by welcoming the members of the PTA Executive Committee. He thanked the members for their presence, inspite of the difficult situation faced due to the Pandemic.


The meeting was then taken up according to the agenda points and various discussions regarding the physical commencement of school as well as the replacement of those PTA members of 2019-20 PTA Executive Committee who have left school now were discussed in this meeting.


Following are the resolutions adopted unanimously at the meeting:

  1. Reopening of school for std IX and X;
  • Principal Sir informed the PTA Executive Committee about the new Government that has asked all schools to reopen for students of Std IX to X from April 2021.
  • After initial discussion and deliberation, the members of the PTA body agreed upon the reopening of schools, as it is inevitable due to government norms, but they opined that the school would  need to inform all parents about this and take an undertaking from them consenting for the same.
  • The suggested to conduct a parent meeting for all parents to explain them about the policy and take their consent.
  1. Resolved that;
  • A virtual Parents’ Meeting would be arranged on Thursday 03 March 2021, with all parents of each division of Std. - X, in order to inform them about the new norms of physically reopening the school.
  • Parents to be informed about the safety and welfare measures that school proposes to take in order to physically reopen school for students.
  • An undertaking to be signed by parents before sending their wards to school.

                            Mr. Umesh Prajapat( Parent)

                            Mr. Sanjay Singh (Parent)

                            Dr. Amrendra Kumar Singh ( Parent)

                            Mr. Sanjay Yadav(Parent)                             

  1. Resolved that;
  • Mrs. Sushma Priya of Std-IX Class be chosen as the PTA representative of Std-IX.

              Mrs. Sushma Priya (Teacher)

              Mrs Razia Sultana ( Teacher)

              Mr. Akash Kumar  (Teacher)

              Mr. RN Singh            (Teacher)


The meeting ended with the vote of Thanks to the Chair.