About US


“AKSHAR VIDYA GRIHA” is an educational institution established in the year 2011 at Dardha, Goh, Aurangabad (Bihar) under the guidance of “AKSHAR FOUNDATION TRUST-PATNA” and got affiliation from

“C.B.S.E.-DELHI”  in 2015. The institution is imparting education to the boys and girls as well, since being a co-educational institution.

We are an institution running a co- educational school under the C.B.S.E. syllabus.

It is situated in the rural clime. It is imparting education to the children of the rural areas.

We are delighted to lift the boys and girls from their traditional and rural background to the modern educational ways.

We have taken a vow to bring them all at for-front of modern ways of living and learning along with Extra Curricular activities like Arts, Painting, Music and sports.

We are also conducting everyday our assembly before the studies start. In the assembly we encourage our students to get together for prayer, speech, National Anthem and give them chances to verbalize their views on variety of subjects. We have instilled in them the sense of belonging to the school and in turn to become a bright citizen of India.

It was started in 2011 with deep sense of purpose-to produce conscious and responsible future citizen, beaded with character, integrity and honesty. The school believes in the worth and uniqueness of the individual and aims at sharpening each individual’s potentialities and provides varied opportunities for successful learning and growth. Our concern and effort is to aid the development of the whole person so as to be fully human, fully faith and justice. We aim to encourage desirable social attitudes, manners and encourage a healthy participation in family and social activities in short to widen and deepen a person’s capacity for learning not only how to make a living but also how to live.

                It was founded with the specific purpose of providing an institution which besides giving the best of education cares for all-round development, physical, mental and spiritual, blending modern education with the ancient Indian ethereal moral values and due respect for all religions.

                It has shaped into one of the best public school of Aurangabad, providing excellent educational environment for the growth of children. Our aim is to produce Akshar Vidya Griha into an excellent educational institution, up to 10+2 as per C.B.S.E curriculum, Delhi.

 In the name of reward we are getting very good responses from the parents of the students.